knus hus

A house for design, arts and inspiration

What does knus hus offer? 

  • A creative platform for artists to connect and share ideas
  • Interior and furniture design 
  • Jewelry design
  • Artistic work and projects
  • Creative workshops 


Rik is an interior designer, specialised in furniture design.

His designs are pure and minimalistic and at the same time they create a warm and cosy vibe.

He is mostly inspired by nature, travelling and hygge - the Scandinavian philosophy and way of living.

His furniture is a combination of creativity and functionality. The pieces of furniture blend into the room and empower the environment.


Verena Waddell was born and raised in Sandefjord but took her art education at Emily Carr
University and Art and Design in Vancouver, Canada. Verena is represented in countless private and public collections and makes live painting performances on a small and large scale.
Recognisably figurative expressions with her signature line, combine a direct and energetic
approach and detailed execution, through many layers and colours. Verenas approach where she starts on blank, large formats directly in front of the audience, is one of the ways she opens up for surprising experiences in her pictures.
Verena Waddell has some signature symbols, typically made with ink, which can be seen in the collection presented here.


Kim is a creative jack-of-all-trades. A classically trained pianist, jewelry artist and mandala stone painter. She is inspired by music, traveling, nature, other cultures, stories, fairy tales and poetry.

She discovered a passion for stone painting during her travels to Scandinavia. She likes working with natural materials like wood, stones and seashells.

Discovering new pearls and techniques has become a passion and is an essential part of the creative process of jewelry making. Every jewel is unique and is created with pearls, semi-precious stones and crystals from all over the world.


Cindy Van Schendel is a Dutch illustrator, who lives and works in Norway. 

Cindy  makes collages and mixed-media illustrations and draws faces almost every day.

She also works in a Norwegian art school where she creates space for children and adults to play and develop their creativity and artistic skills.

She loves to share her passion for telling little stories with colors, shapes, lines, and composition.

Besides making illustrations and collages, she loves hiking, the pastel colors when life plunges far below zero, the wild river when the snow melts, and endless views of nowhere land. 


Erwin Deleux (born 1973) is a Belgian pianist - composer.

Erwin composes music in a characteristic post classical language. His piano cycle “Silent Songs” was presented at TEDx Hasselt, the MasP Festival in Como (Italy) and the conservatory of Madrid. In 2020, he was rewarded the first price in the Fidelio Composition Contest and presented a full cd with his piano music. These works are regulary broadcast by Stingray Classica and reached more than 2 Million streams on Spotify.

He has a varied concert life, with performances at major venues including the Singel in Antwerp and the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam. Erwin has performed as a soloist at the Chopin Festival and the Festival of Flanders.